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Business hours during christmas holidays

We close our restaurant from Sunday, 22nd of December 3 p.m. until 24th of December.

At the 25th and the 26th our restaurant is open from 12 am to 3 pm and after 6 pm. We offer a 3-course-menue for lunch and dinner in the restaurant with selected starters, main dishes and desserts at the price of 44 Euros per person. From 3 pm to 6 pm the restaurant is closed.

Moreover we offer our taditional lunch-buffet in the "cowshed" between noon and 3 pm at the price of 44 Euros, too.

Reservations are essential.

New Year´s Eve

We open our restaurant that day at 6 pm for the aperitif and start the 5 course dinner menue at 7 pm. The price is 89 Euros per person, including aperitf. The usual dinner à la carte menue is not available. Seats are limited and reservations are essential.